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Sutureless "Contact Lens Sandwich" Technique for Amniotic Membrane Therapy of Central Corneal Ulcers

European Journal of Ophthalmology 2021/10

Luccarelli S.V, Villani E, Lucentini S, Bonsignore F, Sacchi M, Martellucci C.A, Nucci P


To describe a new technique for sutureless and glue-free amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) and to investigate its effectiveness to treat corneal persistent epithelial defects (PEDs), compared to bandage contact lens (BCL) application alone.


We performed AMT with "contact lens sandwich technique" (CLS-AMT) in 8 consecutive patients with central/para-central (up to 4.00 mm from the geometrical centre) PED/ulceration and we retrospectively compared the results with 11 BCL procedures.


The procedures were performed successfully with no complications.CLS-AMT showed significantly shorter healing time than BCL (24.0 ± 19.1 vs 42.9 ± 14.6 days; P < 0.05, Mann-Whitney test). Recurrence rates were 12% and 27% for CLS-AMT and BCL, respectively.


CLS-AMT technique, based on the suction effect due to the superposition of a bandage contact lens on the AM-ring complex, represents a quick, low cost, easy to perform and nearly non-invasive AMT technique. This approach is able to provide adequate fixation of AM, and it seems to be a safe and effective treatment for patients with PEDs.



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